Recent decisions

Citation Title
[2022] NSWLEC 103 Helm No. 18 Pty Ltd v North Sydney Council (No 2)
[2022] NSWDC 345 Ritson v State of New South Wales (No. 1)
[2022] NSWSC 1092 Chang v Tjiong
[2022] NSWLEC 1425 Wollongong Invest Land No.3 Pty Ltd v Wollongong City Council
[2022] NSWLEC 1429 Garbourg v Ku-ring-gai Council
[2022] NSWDC 237 Wilden v Jennings (no 2)  Am
[2021] NSWDC 705 Wilden v Jennings (no 1)  Am
[2022] NSWDC 344 Huang v Muse Beauty Salon Waterloo Pty Ltd (No 6); Muse Beauty Salon Waterloo Pty Ltd v Huang (No 6)
[2022] NSWDC 343 Wilden v Jennings (no 3)
[2022] NSWDC 342 BMW Australia Finance Ltd v Trigas (No. 2)
[2022] NSWSC 1091 Quach v Civil and Administrative Tribunal of New South Wales
[2022] NSWDC 340 R v Hall
[2022] NSWSC 1090 In the matter of ResApp Health Ltd
[2022] NSWCATAD 270 Yeshiva College Bondi Limited v NSW Education Standards Authority  Am
[2022] NSWSC 1078 Carrington v Wallace
[2022] NSWCATAD 271 Craft v Commissioner of Police
[2022] NSWCATAD 264 Hardes v Commissioner of Police
[2022] NSWCATAD 267 Chudleigh v Commissioner of Police
[2022] NSWCATAD 268 FHO v Commissioner of Victims Rights
[2022] NSWCATAD 265 Frietman v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue
[2022] NSWDC 339 Sydneyean Air Pty Ltd v Vortex Air Pty Ltd & Anor
[2022] NSWCCA 170 R v Perrin  Am
[2022] NSWSC 1057 In the matter of Link Administration Holdings Limited
[2021] NSWDC 702 R v Young (a pseudonym)  Am
[2022] NSWDC 335 Decision restricted  Am
[2022] NSWDC 338 R v Khan; R v El Sankari
[2022] NSWSC 1084 State of New South Wales v Keir (Final)  Am
[2022] NSWLEC 94 Commitment Pty Ltd v Georges River Council; (No 2)
[2022] NSWLEC 1427 Barker v Water Administration Ministerial Corporation (No. 2)
[2022] NSWCATOD 89 Council of the Law Society of New South Wales v Judah  Am
[2022] NSWDC 337 Chase v Ausgrid Management Pty Ltd
[2022] NSWSC 1087 Gill v Trustees of the Marist Brothers
[2020] NSWLC 13 Espresso Company Australia Pty Ltd v Savino Del Bene Australia Pty Ltd
[2022] NSWSC 883 Qasim v Davidson
[2022] NSWCCA 171 Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) v Van Gestel  Am
[2022] NSWSC 1064 D Capital 2 Pty Ltd v Western
[2022] NSWCCA 173 Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) v Day
[2022] NSWCATAD 269 Niu v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue
[2022] NSWSC 1076 Haselhurst v Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd t/as Toyota Australia; Whisson v Subaru (Aust) Pty Ltd; Kularathne v Honda Australia Pty Ltd; Brewster v BMW Australia Ltd; Bond v Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd; Coates v Mazda Australia Pty Ltd  Am
[2022] NSWSC 1036 Office of the Children’s Guardian v DVR  Am
[2022] NSWSC 1085 711 Hogben Pty Ltd v Tadros
[2021] NSWCCA 47 Mortimer v R  Am
[2022] NSWSC 1072 Wong v Novakovic  Am
[2022] NSWSC 1081 The Property Investors Alliance Pty Ltd v C88 Project Pty Ltd (in liq)
[2022] NSWLEC 1421 Murray v Waverley Council
[2022] NSWSC 1083 Estate Ritossa, Deceased
[2022] NSWLEC 98 Filetron Pty Ltd v Innovate Partners Pty Ltd ACN 131 941 145 atf Banton Family Trust 2
[2022] NSWSC 1073 RAS Capital Investments Pty Ltd v Goldfields Run Land Pty Ltd
[2022] NSWSC 1074 Meridian Energy Australia Pty Ltd v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue
[2022] NSWSC 1079 Rahman v Insurance Australia Ltd t/as NRMA Insurance
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Medium Neutral Citation (MNC)

Each decision or judgment is assigned a unique number, which can be used to identify it. The Medium Neutral Citation, or MNC, is an international standard, and is made up of three parts:

  • [2014]
  • 98
  • The year
    2014 is year that the decision or judgment was delivered.
  • The court
    NSWSC is the New South Wales Supreme Court
  • The sequence no.
    In this case, 98. Sequence numbers may not represent the exact order.