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Citation Title
[2021] NSWSC 1557 Crown Green Square Pty Ltd v Transport for NSW
[2021] NSWCCA 278 Zhou v R  Am
[2021] NSWSC 1374 Broadway Plaza Investments Pty Ltd v Broadway Plaza Pty Ltd; In the matter of Combined Projects (Arncliffe) Pty Ltd (No 2)  Am
[2021] NSWCATOD 197 Buckley v Council of the Law Society of New South Wales
[2021] NSWLEC 1743 Jakob v Woollahra Municipal Council (No 2)
[2021] NSWSC 1574 McDonald v QBE Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance Limited
[2021] NSWLEC 1744 Cedar Pacific 1 Pty Ltd as trustee for the Cedar Pacific Kensington Trust v Randwick City Council
[2021] NSWDC 653 R v Dargin
[2021] NSWSC 1573 Hutchinson v AD Securities America LLC
[2021] NSWCCA 283 BB v R
[2021] NSWDC 652 R v McKenzie
[2021] NSWLEC 1722 Knox v Ku-ring-gai Council
[2021] NSWSC 1529 Wardle v Wardle
[2021] NSWCCA 284 R v Quinlin
[2021] NSWSC 1569 Attwells v White (No. 3)
[2019] NSWLC 14 Director of Public Prosecutions v Wong
[2021] NSWLEC 135 Natural Resources Access Regulator v Maules Creek Coal Pty Ltd  Am
[2021] NSWCCA 285 PB v R
[2021] NSWCATOD 196 Council of the Law Society of New South Wales v Kekatos
[2021] NSWSC 1568 Hosseini v Genea Limited
[2021] NSWCA 294 Quinn v Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
[2021] NSWCATAD 360 Selmes v Commissioner of Police, NSW Police Force
[2021] NSWCATAP 391 Outlaw Construction and Transport Services Pty Ltd v Taleb (No 2)
[2021] NSWCATAP 392 Khong v Southern Cross Joinery Pty Ltd
[2021] NSWCATAD 361 Zonnevylle v Secretary, Department of Education
[2021] NSWSC 1570 James Bowers v Judicial Commission of New South Wales
[2021] NSWDC 651 Ranclose Investments Pty Ltd v Leda Management Services Pty Ltd & Anor  Am
[2021] NSWLEC 142 Noubia Pty Limited v Coffs Harbour City Council (No 2)
[2021] NSWSC 1567 Perpetual Corporate Trust Ltd
[2021] NSWSC 1554 Triple M Mechanical Services Pty Limited v Climate Technologies Pty Limited  Am
[2018] NSWDC 313 Faraj v Fernando  Am
[2021] NSWLEC 1714 Ashbury FMBM Pty Limited v Canterbury-Bankstown Council  Am
[2021] NSWDC 650 R v Nguyen
[2021] NSWSC 1564 In the matter of Spark Infrastructure RE Limited
[2021] NSWSC 1551 Alvarez v Matthews
[2021] NSWSC 1563 In the matter of Macarthur Projects Pty Limited
[2021] NSWSC 1562 In the matter of Painted Steel Technologies Pty Ltd
[2021] NSWSC 1533 In the matter of Lorebray Pty Ltd
[2021] NSWLEC 1738 Muscat Developments Pty Ltd v Wollondilly Shire Council
[2021] NSWSC 1494 In the matter of Australian Unity Property Limited as responsible entity for Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund
[2021] NSWSC 1336 Hans-Egon Bruno Bernhard Metzner & Anor v Jaqueline Rita Metzner  Am
[2021] NSWSC 1565 Hans-Egon Bruno Bernhard Metzner & Anor v Jaqueline Rita Metzner
[2021] NSWLEC 1740 Zaki Property Pty Ltd v Liverpool City Council
[2021] NSWCATCD 107 Pocket Pizza v Melani; Melani v Pocket Pizza
[2021] NSWSC 1538 Southern Cross Community Healthcare Pty Ltd v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue (No 2)
[2021] NSWDDT 7 Roseanne Cleary as the legal personal representative of the estate of the late Fortunato (aka Frank) Gatt v Amaca Pty Limited  Am
[2021] NSWDC 638 R v Hemsworth  Am
[2021] NSWCATAD 359 Majoor v Macquarie University
[2021] NSWCATAP 389 Balle v Commissioner of Police
[2021] NSWCATAP 390 Mahmood v Luu
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Medium Neutral Citation (MNC)

Each decision or judgment is assigned a unique number, which can be used to identify it. The Medium Neutral Citation, or MNC, is an international standard, and is made up of three parts:

  • [2014]
  • 98
  • The year
    2014 is year that the decision or judgment was delivered.
  • The court
    NSWSC is the New South Wales Supreme Court
  • The sequence no.
    In this case, 98. Sequence numbers may not represent the exact order.