About Caselaw

NSW Caselaw was developed in 1999 to publish decisions for New South Wales Courts and Tribunals administered by the NSW Department of Justice.

The collection of decisions published on NSW Caselaw include:

Children's Court 2004 - present (incomplete collection)
Compensation Court (abolished 2003) 2001 - 2003
Court of Appeal 1988 - present
1988 - 1998 (incomplete collection)
Court of Criminal Appeal 1999 - present
District Court 2005 - present (incomplete collection)
Drug Court 1999 - present (incomplete collection)
Industrial Relations Commission 2000 - present
Land and Environment Court 1999 - present
Local Court 2002 - present (incomplete collection)
Supreme Court 1999 - present
Administrative Decisions Tribunal 1999 - 2013
Civil and Administrative Tribunal 2014 - present
Dust Diseases Tribunal 2001 - present
Medical Tribunal 1999 - 2013 (incomplete collection)
Transport Appeal Boards 2011 - 2013

Publishing of decisions is not mandatory within some courts and tribunals and only selected decisions are published.

See our Release Schedule for information about types of decisions published and publishing timeframes.

Visit the court and tribunal websites for more information about each court and tribunal:

Court websites:
Children's Court
Court of Appeal
Court of Criminal Appeal
District Court
Drug Court
Industrial Relations Commission
Land and Environment Court
Local Court
Supreme Court

Tribunal websites:
Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Dust Diseases Tribunal