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Citation Title
[2023] NSWSC 1488 Bremner v French
[2023] NSWSC 1482 In the matter of Wealth Street Pty Ltd (in liquidation)
[2023] NSWSC 1489 Mullick as Executor and trustee of the estate of the late Veselinka Lucic aka Veselinka Saikali (deceased) v Saikali
[2023] NSWLEC 1724 Skyton Holdings No 5 Pty Ltd v Strathfield Municipal Council
[2023] NSWDC 533 SafeWork NSW v Royal Touch Paper Products Pty Ltd
[2023] NSWDC 532 SafeWork NSW v Think Tank Building Solutions Pty Ltd
[2023] NSWSC 1475 R v KS (No 2)
[2023] NSWDC 531 SafeWork NSW v Mars Commercial Pty Ltd
[2023] NSWLEC 1726 Roselands Star Pty Ltd v Canterbury-Bankstown Council
[2023] NSWSC 1487 Decision restricted
[2023] NSWLEC 1727 Vigor Master Pty Ltd v Northern Beaches Council
[2023] NSWCCA 301 Primmer v R
[2023] NSWCCA 303 Flentjar v R
[2023] NSWLEC 1725 Rockliff Estate Pty Ltd v Liverpool City Council
[2023] NSWSC 1402 Tyro Payments Ltd v Kounta Pty Ltd (No 2)
[2023] NSWSC 1480 R v Tiriaki
[2023] NSWDC 530 R v Edwards
[2023] NSWSC 1095 Hawkes Menangle Pty Ltd v Brennan  Am
[2023] NSWSC 1486 Hawkes Menangle Pty Ltd v Brennan (No 2)
[2023] NSWCA 288 Chandrasekaran v Western Sydney Local Health District (t/as Westmead Hospital)
[2023] NSWDC 529 Azzopardi v Mahajan (No 2)
[2023] NSWCCA 269 Carr v R  Am
[2023] NSWDC 528 R v Xavier
[2023] NSWCCA 309 R v Barkl; R v Dumbrell; R v Theobald
[2023] NSWCA 287 Eppinga v Kalil
[2023] NSWCATAP 317 Punjabi Fusion Group Pty Ltd v Romanos  Am
[2023] NSWCATAP 318 Katsonis v Al Moussawi
[2023] NSWCATAP 316 Australian Postal Corporation v Lux Cuttings Pty Ltd
[2023] NSWCATAP 319 Shamoun v Dbouk
[2023] NSWCATAD 303 Gupta v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue
[2023] NSWCATAP 320 Commissioner for Fair Trading v Hall
[2023] NSWCATAP 321 Lockard v Reeves
[2023] NSWCATOD 179 Perez v Commissioner for Fair Trading
[2023] NSWIRComm 1116 Health Secretary in respect of NSW Ambulance v Australian Paramedics Association (NSW)  Am
[2023] NSWSC 1483 Fantuz v Totem Road Pty Ltd
[2023] NSWSC 1481 In the matter of Fitzgerald Housing Limited (Restructuring Practitioner Apptd)
[2023] NSWSC 1472 Sutherland v Compton Lot Ten Pty Limited & Anor
[2023] NSWLEC 133 Keller and Keller v Blacktown City Council
[2023] NSWSC 1461 Decision restricted
[2021] NSWSC 721 GR v Department of Communities and Justice  Am
[2023] NSWSC 1479 Potts v Potts (No 2)
[2023] NSWLEC 1722 Perpetual Trustee Company Limited trading as Perpetual Trustee Company Limited v The Council of the City of Sydney
[2023] NSWCCA 306 R v MJ
[2023] NSWSC 1464 White Rock Wind Farm Pty Ltd v Dulhunty
[2023] NSWLEC 1730 Taylor v Campbell
[2023] NSWLEC 1723 Homann v Sutherland Shire Council
[2023] NSWCATOD 176 Wulff v Transport for NSW  Am
[2023] NSWSC 1466 Aland Care Pty Ltd v Pollard
[2023] NSWIRComm 1115 John v Health Secretary in respect of Ambulance Service of NSW (No 2)
[2023] NSWSC 1474 Jackson by his next friend Laurellen Davies v Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District trading as Blue Mountains Hospital
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Medium Neutral Citation (MNC)

Each decision or judgment is assigned a unique number, which can be used to identify it. The Medium Neutral Citation, or MNC, is an international standard, and is made up of three parts:

  • [2014]
  • 98
  • The year
    2014 is year that the decision or judgment was delivered.
  • The court
    NSWSC is the New South Wales Supreme Court
  • The sequence no.
    In this case, 98. Sequence numbers may not represent the exact order.